Skyrocketing Your Traffic Without Building Any Links

traffic without links

Everyone is obsessed with links. We perceive them as a measure of success oftentimes equating SEO with acquiring links.

Truth be told, there are many ways to boost your traffic without ever getting a single link!

In fact, with the introduction of RankBrain, it became even more obvious that Google wishes to give more control to the Internet users instead of websites. Continue reading

7 Evergreen Ideas to Improve Your Social Media Influence

social media influence

For some time now, there has been a battle between SEO and social media optimization (SMO). Experts working within each profession have regarded their work as more important. Anyway you put it, both have their advantages and flaws and it is hard to draw a line between them.

One thing is for sure. As the time goes by, Google is placing more emphasis on social media and user experience. In future, it is very likely that our rankings will be directly determined by impression of website visitors. That being said, I would give a slight advantage to SMO due to its increasing potential.

Based on all of this, it is important to increase your social media influence. Continue reading

5 Proven Ways to Measure Your SEO Success Rate

seo success rate

Like with any other website process, it is necessary to measure the success of your SEO campaign. This helps you establish what is going on and how you can improve your performance.

Assessing your SEO is especially important for companies that are using outsourced services. Given that you do not have full control of the optimization, you have to be on top of things and understand what is being done. Continue reading