E-Commerce SEO Success: 6 Factors To Succeed

e-commerce seo success

Today, most of the business is done online. Truth be told, there is not much point for old brick and mortar economy. For an enterprise to survive on the modern market, it is necessary to cut the cost wherever you can.

With e-commerce companies, there is a completely new set of obstacles imposed. Even though this business is cheaper and more profitable in theory, it also means that almost anybody can do it.

Unlike classic stores where you had to pay a hefty sum to get a nice location, e-commerce websites can be easily set up. But, due to the fact that initial investment is much lower, it means that you will have to go against much larger competition. Continue reading

How to Find and Utilize Medium-Tail Keywords Easily

medium-tail keywords

SEO is all about keywords. In this article we’ll discuss the medium-tail keywords.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to research every topic and get just the right keyword which will be highlighted in the article. In fact, there is not much point in writing in the first place unless you prepare beforehand.

According to the latest data from 2014, the first page in Google attracts on average 68% of all the organic clicks. Websites that are on age two or lower can be regarded as losers. So, unless you have an enormous social following or a very competent SMO team, it will be very hard to promote your content. Continue reading